7 Things to do when Dealing with Car Insurance

7 Things to do when Dealing with Car Insurance

Car crashes happen, and if it happens to you, you need to be prepared on how to properly deal with it. After the initial shock of the accident, call your insurance company to sort out any damages to your vehicle and know the next steps to take. If you are involved in a car crash with another party, you will also need to get the other person’s insurance information. The other person’s insurance company is likely to contact you as well to figure out what damages and compensation needs to be made. It is important that you are prepared for this call so that you are not tricked out of what you deserve if the crash was not your fault.

If you haven’t done so, consult an experienced car accident lawyer who may advise you to tell the insurance company to contact your lawyer directly. Otherwise, use these tips to help you manage the claim process. Here are 7 things to keep in mind when dealing with car insurance.

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1. Record Everything That is Said

If possible, you should jot down the conversation during the call. If you cannot write it down during the call, list it in your phone’s notes afterward and write down everything you remember.

Having a record of what happened can keep you from getting scammed by an insurance company. Have proof of the actions you took and the words that were said.

2. Do Not Allow Them to Record You

Do not allow the opposing insurance company to record your words. This will make it easier for them to alter your speech and could possibly make it harder for you to defend your case.

Make sure that they do not record you by asking them not to do so. This is important in case you mess up your words or report details incorrectly and they try to use this against you.

3. Know Who You are Speaking to

Ask who you are speaking to so that you are aware of who to contact if an issue arises later. There are a few key things you should ask them and jot down on the phone.

You might ask this individual for:

  •     Their name
  •     Their insurance company
  •     Their contact information
  •     The name of the driver they are calling for

Once you have this information, you have a way to report them if something goes wrong. Asking who the person is vital to be able to build a case.

4. Don’t Hand Out Personal Information

Insurance companies do not need to know all of your personal information. There are only a few items that you should give them if they call.

These include:

  •     Your name
  •     Your contact information
  •     Your job

It is not necessary to provide anything beyond that.

If they push for more, kindly inform them that you do not need to provide these items. The less information they have about you, the less they can use against you.

5. Just Provide the Facts

When describing the car crash, stick to the simple details of what you know. Do not go more into depth than that to avoid your description being taken and used against you.

You can tell them about:

  •     The crash type
  •     Who crashed
  •     Witnesses

This information is all you should give them.

If they push more, inform them that the case is pending. These people do not need to know more than that.

6. Don’t Take Settlement Money

Taking an initial offer almost always guarantees you are not getting enough to cover your damages. If they offer you an amount right away, do not take it.

By holding out, you will ensure that:

  •     You can speak in person rather than over the phone
  •     You get all of your injuries and damages covered

Never take a settlement offer over the phone.

Car and medical repairs can be costly. Do not get scammed into taking less than you deserve by agreeing to an offer over the phone.

7. Remember to Stay Calm

Lastly, remember to stay calm. You are vulnerable and do not allow them to take advantage of you by losing your cool during the call. Staying as cordial as possible during the call and complying with their requests. It is easy to get angry after an accident. Before answering, take a deep breath and focus.

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