Orange County Sexual Harassment Attorney

Orange County Sexual Harassment Attorney

Orange County Sexual Harassment Attorney

The State of California takes sexual harassment cases seriously. However, you must be able to prove that the harassment was severe and detrimental.

Here are some of the factors that you can use to prove your case and make the harassers face justice:

  • Sexual favors were requested
  • You received unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature
  • Inappropriate messages received via text or email
  • Sexual jokes or comments
  • Bribery through sexual means
  • You received a lower salary, demotions, or were passed over for promotion for refusing sexual favors

Bear Republic Law and our Sexual Harassment Attorneys Will Help You With Your Case

Bear Republic Law has sexual harassment attorneys who are skilled in handling those affected by sexual harassment. Even though we are now more aware of harassment in the workplace, it can be difficult to navigate the law. You have the facts, and our sexual harassment attorneys have the know-how to help put a case together for you.

Remember, a consultation with any of our sexual harassment attorneys is free and has no obligations attached. There’s no risk to you.

Get Help With A Completely Free And Confidential Consultation

Those who have been sexually harassed can feel angry and helpless. In many cases, they fear the backlash if they do pursue their employer for damages.

But understand this: they were the ones that did something wrong, not you! We are here to help. Getting a consultation with Bear Republic Law and any of our sexual harassment attorneys is free and completely confidential.

We’ll answer all of the questions you have, and work to help you during this stressful time. In the consultation, you’ll learn:

  • The two things an employer can try to do to shut you down
  • The one resource you need to have on hand to increase your odds of winning
  • How to gather proof in the most effective way (most cases fail without this)
  • How to protect yourself from employer retaliation
  • Answers to any and all other questions you have.

Immediate Steps You Can Take When You’re Being Sexually Harassed

It’s critical to start building a case as soon as possible. Simply ignoring a problem won’t make it go away. Here are proven steps to help you can use when you are being harassed:

  • Don’t find yourself alone. If you are constantly with others, they can be witnesses to the harassment.
  • Be upfront and vocal about your disinterest in the harasser.
  • Submit a complaint regarding behavior to your employer. If you’re worried about retaliation, give us a call – we’ll tell you how to handle it.
  • Get all information regarding sexual harassment from your employee handbook.

Call Bear Republic Law Today

If you’ve being sexually harassed, or whether you’ve suffered a wrongful termination because you resisted a manager’s advances, Bear Republic Law is here to represent you. Our experienced sexual harassment attorneys can help you achieve justice and get financial compensation for your suffering.

We don’t get paid unless you do. Get a free consultation, contact Bear Republic Law today.

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