California Dog Bite Lawyer

California Dog Bite Lawyer

California Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog attack doesn’t just result in physical damage. There is also emotional damage. You could get Post-traumatic stress disorder or phobia of dogs. In California, if a dog bites someone, the owner is considered to be the one at fault. They can’t just say that they didn’t know their dog wouldn’t attack! A dog bite attorney can help you get results.

What To Do After Getting Bit By A Dog

  1. You need to get medical attention immediately. Dogs can have rabies or give you tetanus, and you don’t want to get these. Even if the bite was small, you should never take chances. There could be lasting damage.
  2. Get information from the owner of the dog. Write down as much as possible. Name, phone, address, email, and so on.
  3. Get photos and evidence of the bite. Also, be sure to take photos as your healing progresses.
  4. Report the bite to a health official or police. This isn’t just for your safety, it’s for others, too. It could also help strengthen your case.
  5. Do not negotiate private settlements or with insurance. If you do, you could lose your chance to make a claim. You never know how your injuries will progress and if you need physical or emotional therapy.
  6. Speak with a dog bite attorney that is experienced in handling dog bites.They will help you figure out the next best steps.

Additional Information About Dog Bites

Strict Liability For Pet Owners – Why They’re Responsible

California is a state with “strict liability” laws that make pet owners responsible for most dog-bite injuries. When victims of a dog bite sue to get compensation for their damages, it doesn’t matter whether the owners knew their dogs had ever been vicious before. That means they can’t argue that they didn’t know their dogs could be dangerous, or that they took care to prevent the animals from hurting someone. While California’s strict liability dog-bite statute applies regardless of the animal’s history, another law makes owners responsible for taking “reasonable steps” needed to “remove any danger” of future attacks” when their dogs have bitten someone in the past.

If The Pet Owner Didn’t Take Proper Steps To Stop An Aggressive Dog, They’ll Owe You

Injured people may be able to receive compensation if they can prove that their injuries resulted from the dog owners’ negligence. With the help of an experienced dog bite attorney, a victim may file a civil case against the owner of a dog who has bitten a human twice (in separate incidents) or the owner of a trained attack dog who has seriously injured someone with even a single bite. The court may order the owner to take steps to prevent future attacks

You Don’t Pay Unless We Get You A Settlement

Our dog bite attorneys work on the principle that the first priority is to win their client’s case. Bear Republic Law believes that they shouldn’t get paid unless you do too. This means that you reduce your risk of a long, drawn-out case.

Don’t Become A Victim Twice – Act Before You Lose Your Rights

Being bit by a dog is hard to process. We’ve spoken with many victims of dog bites. Some of them are still scared of dogs, years later.

Many victims of dog bites don’t end up pursuing a claim. Sometimes the dog is owned by a friend or family member. However, it’s important to remember that you were the victim of the dog bite because of their negligence.

So why should you be a victim twice? There can be complications in surgery, physical therapy costs, and more. It can add up in the long run and put you in a bad spot financially. You deserve to be compensated for all of this at the very least. A dog bite attorney can help you get the best compensation.

While you might have up to 2 years to file a claim, so much can happen in that time. Maybe the owner moves away to another city or state, or life just gets in the way. Don’t miss out on your chance to make a claim.

Here’s How You Know You Have A Solid Case

The courts of California will hear your dog bite case and hold the owner liable if:

  • The dog bit you. It has to specifically be a bite, not a scratch or other type of damage. However, if other damages were caused, you could still have a case for the owner’s fault.
  • You were bitten in a public or you were legally in a private place. (So this won’t apply to robbers)

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