9 Tips For Staying Safe On The Road During The Holidays

9 Tips For Staying Safe On The Road During The Holiday

The holiday season is here and it’s time for us to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. With an increase in social gatherings, holiday travel may put you or your loved ones at risk of experiencing an accident on the road. Holiday travel increases the likelihood of drunk or inattentive drivers. A car accident lawyer knows that car accidents may happen during this time and encourage you to take steps to remain safe. Accidents can be prevented. Here are 9 tips for staying safe while traveling for the holidays and make sure that accidents on the road won’t dampen the holiday cheer.

9 Tips For Staying Safe On The Road During The Holidays

Travel Safety:

1) Keep all your attention on the road ahead. Eliminate any distractions as much as possible. Keep your electronics such as cell phones, devices, laptops, and anything else that may take your attention off the road. Many accidents are caused by distracted driving. No call or text is worth your life. If you need to check the phone, find a safe place to pull over.

2) Check to make sure that your vehicle is equipped for travel. Fill up the gas and make sure that there are no issues with your vehicle. It is a good habit to keep up the maintenance of your vehicle and scheduling regular servicing for your vehicle to maintain its longevity.

3) Get a good night’s rest before heading out on a long drive. Experts mention that having at least 7-8 hours of sleep is advised for a functioning brain. Avoid driving tired, it is not worth putting your safety and others at risk.

4) Always buckle up. Be safe and responsible, just putting your seatbelt on ensures your safety more. Many accidents can be avoided by simply remembering to buckle up your seatbelts.

5) Obey the rules of the road. A car accident is not worth the rush. If someone tries to merge into your lane, slow down. Avoid being an aggressive driver. If you find yourself in an accident because of this, contact our personal injury lawyers to help.

6) Check your destination and the route you will be taking, prior to your trip. Keep in mind that there are more vehicles on the road during the holidays so you should account for potential delays during travel time.

7) Avoid being an aggressive driver. Aggressive driving can escalate to road rage and this can lead to more accidents. Holiday travel can be a stressful time but try avoiding getting too worked up on the road before you reach your destination, safety comes first when driving.

8) Be a vigilant driver and actively scan the road ahead. Look for potential hazards like kids or animals near the road, check your blind spots thoroughly and don’t just assume that you are clear to merge lanes.

9) Do NOT text and drive! Do NOT drink and drive. If you find yourself in a situation where you are inebriated, make the decision to call an uber or rideshare. We want to make sure that your holidays start without any issues, and we want to avoid getting in an accident and a possible DUI charge.

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The holidays should be a time for you to celebrate and enjoy the company of your loved ones. We hope that your holiday plans go smoothly — but we understand that accidents happen. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident, it is important to contact an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible. At Bear Republic Law, your safety and wellbeing are our top priority. Contact a Bear Republic Law car accident lawyer today.


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