When to Contact a Bus Accident Lawyer

When to Contact a Bus Accident Lawyer

You need to contact a school bus accident lawyer when you or someone you love has been injured (or worse, killed)  because of the action or negligence of another. If this sounds like you, contact our experienced team of school bus accident lawyers to get the compensation you deserve.

Contact a Bus Accident Lawyer

When To Reach Out and Contact a Bus Accident Lawyer

School is starting for many families across the US right now, which means school bus and bus stop activity is here. Every year, hundreds of kids are injured while in school bus accidents or at school bus stops.

We trust our schools with a lot- education, nutrition, and for many, transportation. Our school bus drivers have the most precious cargo in their buses, and we trust them (and the districts that hire them) to get our children to and from school safely.

We even trust our schools, volunteers, and bus drivers to keep the bus stops safe for all students. However, accidents and injuries happen. And when they do, you need to know what to do. Here are some good examples of when it’s a good time to contact a school bus accident lawyer.

Your Child was Injured During a School Bus Accident Caused by Another Driver

This doesn’t mean the driver or the school will be the responsible party- many times, it could be a distracted driver that hit the bus or someone that failed to stop at a stop sign. In these cases, our legal team will help you identify who is responsible, and we will make sure you or your loved one is fairly compensated.

The Bus Driver was Texting and Driving and Caused an Accident and Injuries

Bus drivers are not immune to the temptations of distracted driving. Although we hope they know better and realize how many lives they’re responsible for, that doesn’t always happen. If you or someone you know was injured due to a school bus driver driving while distracted, we could help get you the compensation you deserve.

The District Knowingly Hired A Bus Driver With a Bad Driving Record, and an Accident Causing Injuries Happened

We all know there’s a bus driver shortage, but that’s no excuse for hiring people with bad driving records. You could have a case if this happened to you or your kids. Reach out to our team to see how we can help.

Your Child Was Using the Safe Street Crossing Method, and A Driver Passed Through the Buses Stop Sign

If your child was injured because they were safely crossing the street and a driver didn’t stop for the busses stop sign, you may need to contact a bus accident lawyer. It is law nationwide to stop both ways when the bus has its stop signs out and lights are blinking. This ensures a safe crossing for all kids crossing the street to get home.

What To Do If Your Child Was In a School Bus or Bus Stop Accident

School bus accidents are a bit unique since you may not be on the scene of the accident. The typical protocol is the school will notify you once the kids are safely at the school if it was a minor crash and notify you immediately if the accident is more serious.

Take Your Child to the Doctor or Emergency Room

Even if you don’t think there are injuries, adrenalin does a great job hiding them for several days. Take your kid in ASAP to get an evaluation for whiplash, concussion, bruises, or other related injuries. The sooner, the better in case something more serious happens.

Request Medical Records Before You Leave

Before you leave the ER or doctor’s office, get copies of everything because this will save you time and hassle later on.

Call the School and Get the Report of the Accident and All Other Information

Ensure the school has an official accident report with the involved parties’ information. This information can be:

  • The responsible driver’s insurance information
  • Witness statements
  • Bus Driver’s statements
  • Photos of the damage
  • Photos of the scene
  • Police reports

Get the Police Reports

Once you get the school report, request the police report as well. Both reports should give you a clear picture of what happened and who is responsible.

Can You Sue When Your Child Was Injured In A School Bus Accident?

This depends on many factors, like who is responsible and the extent of the injuries. To know if you have a case or not, the best step is to reach out to our bus accident lawyer team, and they will consult with you at no cost.

How To Find The Best Bus Accident Lawyer For Your Case?

Suppose you or a loved one have recently suffered an injury in a school bus accident. In that case, you need a qualified bus accident lawyer to represent your best interests so that you can focus on your recovery.

A qualified bus accident lawyer will be able to:

  • Ensure that all correct paperwork is submitted
  • Determine an accurate settlement estimate
  • Gather evidence to strengthen your case
  • Negotiate with an insurance adjuster
  • Provide general legal advice
  • Represent you in court

The following attributes should be considered to assist you in finding a qualified bus accident lawyer.

Look at Experience

Ask your potential bus accident lawyer about their experience. Make sure they have specific experience in handling school bus accident cases. You also need to ensure that they are highly accomplished in arguing cases in court and have a successful record of doing so.

How Do They Communicate?

A qualified bus accident lawyer will make it easy to understand how they will help you with your case. Moreover, they will provide clear information about their processes, case values, and costs associated with your case.

If you have any questions, their answers should be clear and direct. In short, you shouldn’t have more questions than answers when you leave their office.

Are They Interested in Your Case?

A good attorney should be interested in your school bus accident case. A lawyer who isn’t engaged in your case will only provide the bare minimum of assistance. As such, you may end up with a smaller settlement than you may be entitled to.

To tell whether a bus accident attorney is interested in their clients, pay close attention to how they act during your initial consultation. They should ask you several exhaustive questions regarding your case and goals, which they will use to develop a strategy and set clear expectations for your school bus accident case.

Are They Organized?

The more organized the lawyer’s office looks, the more organized they are likely to be in representing you. Pay careful attention to how their office functions and the cleanliness of the bus accident lawyer’s desk.

If they have to sort through piles of files to find what they want and their employees struggle to handle calls, they may not be very organized. This paints a questionable picture of their ability to handle your case well.

Check References

Be sure to ask your bus accident lawyer for a list of referees you can contact and talk to. These references should be past clients or professionals who can speak to the lawyer’s reputation.

Even if you don’t contact their referrals, you can be confident that they willingly gave you the referrals. Avoid hiring a bus accident lawyer who has no references or will not provide you with such information.

Contact us today if you want to consult with us about a possible claim. We will work tirelessly to ensure you are given the most compensation possible.

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